Elle King’s Drunken Performance at Dolly Parton Tribute Sparks Backlash

Elle King

Pop singer Elle King is in hot water once again, catching a lot of criticism for her recent not-so-great performance at the Grand Ole Opry’s special event honoring country music icon Dolly Parton. The show took place at the Ryman Auditorium. This isn’t the first time Elle King has faced backlash, as folks didn’t seem too pleased with her behavior during her New Year’s Eve performance in Nashville either. The way she’s been acting on stage has been raising eyebrows and making people question her professionalism.

Who is Elle King?

Elle King, also known by her full name Tanner Elle Schneider, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who has made a name for herself in the music world. She has a unique style that mixes rock, country, blues, and even disco, and people really like it. Let’s take a closer look at the person behind the music:

Elle was born in Los Angeles to actor Rob Schneider and model London King, so she basically grew up surrounded by music. Her dad liked funny stuff, and her mom was into blues and soul, so Elle got a mix of those influences. She started playing guitar and banjo when she was young and even formed her own band while she was still in high school.

After she finished high school, Elle King moved to New York City to focus on music. She was really good, and people in the music industry noticed her talent and how great she was on stage. In 2014, she put out her first song called “Ex’s & Oh’s,” and it became super popular, making her famous around the world. People loved the catchy tune, honest lyrics, and powerful singing. Elle King even got nominated for a Grammy because of that song, and it marked the start of her becoming a big star.

The Unraveling Performance

At the recent tribute event, Elle King, a 34-year-old country singer, surprised everyone with a moment that caught fans and attendees off guard. A TikTok video, shared by a user, captured King taking a funny and unexpected approach as she spoke to the audience. With a humorous tone, she admitted, “You ain’t getting your money back,” and then boldly declared, “I’m completely hammered.” The situation took a peculiar turn when she decided to impersonate the legendary Dolly Parton, who was noticeably absent from the show.

The cringe-worthy incidents continued when King struggled to remember the lyrics of Dolly Parton’s famous song, “Marry Me.” She openly expressed her lack of interest in the performance, which was perceived as disrespectful by many. This led to an overwhelming wave of criticism on various social media platforms. People were quick to share their thoughts and opinions about the incident, with many expressing disappointment and disapproval of King’s behavior during the tribute.

Fan Outrage and Disappointment

Many fans were really upset and mad about how Elle King acted during her performance. People went on social media to share their feelings, and one person said, “I can’t believe the Opry let her perform like that – all drunk and disrespectful. It’s not how you honor someone as amazing as Dolly Parton.” Others agreed and said things like, “Elle King’s performance was so bad and inappropriate. Dolly Parton would’ve hated it.”

People were not only disappointed with Elle King but also started to question why she was chosen for such an important tribute. Some fans thought that maybe she could have done that kind of performance for a different event, but not for Dolly Parton, who is like a queen to her fans.

In simple words, fans were really mad at Elle King for her behavior, and they didn’t think it was the right way to honor Dolly Parton. They also wondered why Elle King was picked for this tribute in the first place.

Grand Ole Opry’s Response

After the tribute show faced criticism, the Grand Ole Opry, the place where the event happened, said sorry on social media. They were responding to a fan who wasn’t happy and liked Lauren Alaina more than Elle King. The organizers admitted that the words used during Elle King’s performance were not okay.

They said, “We’re really sorry for the language used in last night’s second Opry performance.” The organizers thought about how Elle King acted and how it affected the whole experience for the audience. They felt bad about it and wanted to apologize for the inappropriate language.


Elle King’s performance at the Dolly Parton tribute recently has stirred up quite a bit of commotion. Not only have fans expressed their strong disapproval, but the Grand Ole Opry, the prestigious venue where the event took place, felt compelled to issue a formal apology. This whole situation has gotten people talking about how artists are chosen for tribute performances and the standards of behavior and respect that we expect during these special events.