Joyce Vanraden – The Mother of Paula Patton

Joyce Vanraden

Do you know that Joyce Vanraden, mother to celebrity Paula Patton, was an educator? Well, not many know the work of Paula Patton’s parents, except for their names and nationality. Paula, who produces songs and acts, was born nearly 50 years ago in America. She’s an excellent actress and producer who has featured and produced several movies and songs, respectively. Scroll down to read about Paula, her mother, and other details of her life.

All about Paula Patton

The talented actress has a Black-American dad and a Dutch and German mom. This means that Paula has more than three ancestries. A Californian native, Paula stays in America with mom, Joyce Vanraden, and Charles, her lawyer dad. Paula has a good relationship with her parents.

Educational History

Joyce Vanraden and Charles ensured they provided the best education and educational resources for Paula. She completed all her education, from primary school to college, in California. Paula proceeded to an institution in Berkeley before moving to another institution after high school. This institution is situated in the southern region of her state. She moved there to study film because that has been her passion all along. Upon completion of her studies at the film institute, she won the chance to make several film series for three months.


Movie roles

Paula entered the Hollywood circle with the support of her parents. Paula didn’t start with big roles, rather, she steadily climbed the ladder with small ones. Examples include her role in Hitch, which starred Will Smith. The movie belonged to the rom-com genre and was released in 2005. Paula didn’t relent in her efforts. She participated in London, a drama that was released also in 2006. Then she got a role in Idlewild in 2006. This movie featured members of the OutKast group. Additionally, Robin featured her in one of his videos in 2006.

Paula’s vocalist and songwriting jobs

Paula contributed vocally to one of Usher’s songs in the early 2000s. She also co-wrote a song with her ex-husband, Robin Thicke, and sang the female vocal for that song. Not only that, she has written several songs for Robin’s numerous albums, to which Robin credited her. However, she writes songs using the alias “Max”, instead of Paula. Max is the shortened version of Paula’s second name. Paula revealed this in an interview, including the alias she used for writing songs.

Road To Fame

Paula’s road to fame started when she played the female main character in Deja Vu. The movie was a thriller and a sci-fi, genres that are popular worldwide. Her male lead was Denzel Washington, an iconic actor. Paula held her own against the experienced actor and won the hearts of many viewers. The movie grossed more than 180 million dollars despite its mixed reception. Still, being a part of a box office movie cemented Paula’s spot in Hollywood.

Dating History

Paula and Robin Thicke’s relationship

Robin and Paula met when Robin and Paula were around 14 and 15 years, respectively. They met at an underaged club for hip-hop enthusiasts. Robin, a recording artist at that time, was enamored by Paula and requested for her to join him on the dance floor. Paula acquiesced, and the two formed a friendship which led to a romantic relationship two years later.

Marriage to Robin

According to Paula, Robin serenaded her with one of Stevie Wonder’s songs on the dance floor. This made her have a positive impression of Robin. The couple got married in the United States after 12 years of courtship, and their son came five years after their marriage (2010). Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long.

Paula’s divorce from Robin

The divorce proceedings were put in motion by Paula because she was the one who filed it in 2014. The couple had already been separated in early 2014 before taking the legal route. In the divorce papers, Paula requested to share the custody of Julian, their child. In 2015, the court granted the divorce, and this, Robin and Paula were divorced.

After the divorce

After the divorce, Paula went to court again. She asked for the court to reduce the number of times Robin spent with their son. Her reason was that Robin was a child abuser, but the request was rejected. Days later, the court gave Paula sole custody of their son. The court restrained Robin from contacting Joyce Vanraden and Julian, his son. This is because Paula accused him of being addicted to alcohol and drugs, committing domestic violence and infidelity. Months later, Robin and Paula came to a mutual agreement about their child’s custody.

New relationship

Both Robin and Paula have moved on from their previous union. The two are now involved with different people.

Joyce Vanraden Net Worth

Paula’s specific net worth is unavailable, but it is speculated that she is worth nearly 20 million dollars. One thing is sure though, Paula earns over 500,000 dollars for her movie roles. She also has earnings from the songs she writes and her job as a producer. Furthermore, Paula has lots of assets and stocks she has invested in.


In summary, Joyce Vanraden and Charles Patton brought up Paula in a loving household. They raised her to be strong, independent, and resilient, traits that helped her in her career. Paula in return, is passing these qualities to her son, Julian, because she wants him to be a responsible citizen.