Rachel Jade – Everything You Need To Know

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Rachel Jade is an American fitness model, content creator, and influencer. She is popular on social media because she is beautiful and has a good figure. Rachel has millions of followers because she is consistent with what she does. Let’s take a closer look at Rachel Jade’s life and dig into various aspects, such as her professional journey, family background, and the rumor circulating about Rachel Jade nude photos.

What does Rachel Jade Do?

Rachel works as a beauty influencer, pro-fitness expert, and onlyfans model. As an influencer, she has worked with several skincare and fitness brands. Born over two decades ago, the stunning model is endowed with a body to die for. Her height and weight make her perfect for her job in the entertainment industry. Additionally, Rachel holds American citizenship, as she was born and raised there. Rachel is blessed with such good looks, that many still think she is in her early twenties. As an influencer and model, it is a must for Rachel to have a social media account, which she does.

What is Rachel Known for on social media?

Rachel posts interesting, funny, and sometimes explicit content on her social media pages. You can find some of Rachel Jade pictures on her onlyfans page and social media. In addition, Rachel has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health, healthy food, and fitness. She ensures she shares these on her social media pages. Since she loves to work out, Rachel is often seen going to exercise clubs and posting pictures of them online. She also gives health advice and how to eat good food to stay healthy. Many of her fans can testify that Rachel doesn’t joke with her exercise routine and lives a healthy lifestyle. Some of her routines include a fitness center and domestic workouts.

How did Rachel get into fitness?

Rachel has been interested in working out ever since she was a teenager. She further developed more interest during her undergraduate days. As a result, Rachel started researching the best workout routines and food good for fitness enthusiasts.

The Social Media Accounts of Rachel

Rachel has various social media accounts. She has YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Onlyfans. She writes about her journey as a fitness enthusiast on her pages. Likewise, she uploads food-related and funny content on them, too. Her Onlyfans account is full of content. This content is exclusively for her followers who subscribe to the explicit posts. Moreover, each of her social media accounts has thousands of followers. This has helped Rachel generate revenue from her social media platforms.


On Instagram, Rachel shares her daily adventures. She uses her handle (@rxceegxrl1) to connect with a community of followers. Rachel keeps her Instagram feed lively and engaging. Whether it’s fitness inspiration, food-related content, or just some fun moments from her life.

OnlyFans Account

If you check Rachel’s OnlyFans (@rxceegxrl), you will see 171K people following her. These people can see her content only if they subscribe by paying a certain amount of money. On the other hand, Rachel doesn’t disappoint her paid subscribers as she gives them what they ask. Otherwise, she might lose them.

Rachel’s Personal Life Educational Background

Rachel doesn’t only have good looks and an excellent physique going for her. She is blessed with brains and high intelligence. Rachel had good grades at a young age, and this followed till she entered high school and college. She got admitted for further studies in the United States.

Rachel’s Dating Experience

As much as Rachel showcases her professional work to the public, she hides her private life, including her romantic relationships. As an attractive lady, her fans think she must have a lot of potential love interests. However, Rachel hasn’t verified this. Nobody knows whom she has dated or is dating. In fact, her parents and siblings are unknown, too. The only things she puts out there are her exercise and plans, and amusing videos.

Rachel’s Exercise Regimen

Rachel has a strict diet and exercise plan that she follows without fail. Every day, she goes to the gym to work out and eat accordingly. She mostly exercises as part of her job and also does so for those who subscribe exclusively to her exercise routines. Those who subscribed to her content get exclusive perks that are not available to people who didn’t subscribe. Hence, without going to the gym, she won’t have any fitness content to make. If there is no content, there will be nothing to upload, and fans will stop subscribing. So to keep her fans interested, she needs to keep up her work and also bring up new ideas.

Common Exercises that Rachel Does

Rachel ensures she stretches her body before she starts working out and after she’s done with the exercises. She does this daily, and it helps to relax her muscles before she starts exercising and after she’s done.

Diet Plans

Rachel makes her food herself and eats what she likes in moderation. She makes sure she balances her food and eats the right nutrients.

Rachel Jade Net Worth

Rachel is worth over 200 thousand dollars. In addition, she has several assets to her money and earns from them. Furthermore, she is a brand promotor and works as a model and content writer. All these jobs generate income for Rachel.

Rachel Jade Nude

Rachel Jade is careful about keeping her personal life private. She doesn’t share embarrassing or revealing photos online. Unlike others, she doesn’t post that kind of stuff on the internet. Rachel stands out because she prioritizes a secure and private online presence. Her private information has never been leaked or shared without her permission. She does a great job of keeping her online image safe.


Rachel’s social media isn’t just about sharing her pictures and videos or making money from them. There’s more to it! Apart from being an influencer, she doesn’t solely depend on her social media fame for income. Rachel is also involved in content writing and modeling. She creates amazing content for various brands and gets paid for her work. This highlights her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit, showing that she’s not limited to just one thing.