7 Ways to Restore Confidence in Yourself After it Shatters


If you are hell-bent on achieving something big, your confidence suffers.

Walking through the highs and lows in the life journey requires persistence and constant effort. However, remaining motivated amid constant failures is complicated.

Do not sweat it, though. Living the life you want requires patience. And thus, it is essential to work towards declining self-confidence. Confidence involves the best balance of experience, skill, attitude, and knowledge, and it is all about nailing each without faltering.

However, it is easier said than done. But one must move towards restoring confidence in yourself after life takes a hit.

The blog explains the potential ways to regain self-esteem after a rough patch in life.

What are the outcomes of Low Self-Esteem?

5 ways low enthusiasm or self-esteem concerns a person:

  • One does not feel like making a social presence
  • One finds it challenging to open up about the pain
  • Irritation at failure
  • Feel powerless to control situations
  • Engage in comparison battle and finds other better off than them

How to Regain Confidence After a Rough Life Phase?

Whether you just lost a championship, broke up, or facing a financial crunch despite rigorous efforts, these tips will surely help grab the chord and face life events confidently.

For example, if you took installment loans for 12 months to fund your startup requirements but aren’t sure after facing loss, improvise and change the strategy. You will soon be there where you want to be.

Do what you like the most

When your confidence takes a hit, relax. It is okay not to engage in anything for a while. However, to rebuild your trust, do things you are passionate about. You can engage in anything from writing, singing, cooking, etc. To feel good, give yourself some time to heal and be back with an improved mental state. Engaging in something creative helps your mental state. Take a staycation to improve your composure.

Reduce negative self-talks and interactions

Negative-self discussion does more hurt than appropriate in such situations. Avoid interacting with individuals who hardly appreciate your little efforts towards regaining confidence.

Instead, seek positive affirmations through meditation. Individuals facing failure streaks often find relief in self-talk. It is natural, however, to stick to negative self-talk. Build a relationship with people who believe you and always motivate you.

It is better than having surrounded by people who hardly add value to your life.

Always stay in the competition

Do not leave it all here if you worked dedicatedly towards your goals and missed the shot. Quitting might seem the best option in this case. But that’s not why you came this far. Instead, accept failure and re-work it.

True satisfaction, however, does not come from leaving everything altogether and quitting but from highlighting the weak points and emerging a winner. The key is to stay in the competition always. Impossible happen only when you believe in yourself. Thus, practice, uphold patience, and compete. Compete until you win.

Smile away the fears

A smile indeed goes a long way in waving off all the fears. Relax and smile if you are afraid of starting it all over again. When your conduct reflects an altogether different and confident vibe, people attract. They wish to know more about your demeanor and goals.

And most importantly, it helps root out any insecurities you cling to. It is essential to loosen the grip of something that isn’t serving your purpose; instead, it is the biggest obstacle to it.

To make the world a better place to live in and execute your next ventures confidently, smile as hard as you can. It is a vital therapy for all your insecurities and negative thoughts. It can be complicated to smile when feeling low, but making small efforts towards it, will help bridge the gap between you and your dreams.

Switch Places

Travel when you do not like walking forward or doing anything with your life. It is the best way to discover yourself and your life’s purpose. Traveling to a soothing place provides one an opportunity to overcome negativity.

If you feel like shutting yourself from a world for a while, there is nothing better than traveling to a distant place. It will serve the purpose and improve your mental and physical health.

Sometimes, all you need is time and space from everything, be it passion or people. It works. Do what’s best for you at the moment. Pack your bags! Travel helps you realize that life is beautiful, and failure is just a phase.

Know yourself better

One cannot defeat his enemy without knowing his strengths and weakness. The rule in the book is to know someone inside-out before taking any action, increasing the chances of success. Likewise, when you project yourself in a negative image, know the “why” behind it. Is your “why” strong enough to drown in self-guilt? If not, you have your answer there.

To counter your thoughts:

  • Write a journal.
  • Make it a habit to write every negative review coming across your mind, and write the reasons behind it.
  • On the contrary, think about all the positive things you possess now.
  • Journalize these.

Think about the limitations to accomplishing your dreams. Are they fundamental limitations? Or are they just forged? Dig deeper and know your “self.” Sometimes, it is essential to ask the dreariest questions to get closer to what you want. Practice this frequently to feel light and immediate confusion about your success path.

Be generous

Generosity is the most underrated trait. Engaging in thankless jobs is indeed balming. However, you might feel slightly irritated; how can one be thankless at the lowest phase in life? But the truth is, anyone can be regardless of the situation. Generosity is not a job but sprouts from within. You will feel good about yourself when you help others. It allows water and nourishes confidence. It works wonders in the most challenging life phase. Begin by helping one person in need; it will become a phenomenon soon.

Bottom line

Having overwhelming emotions and negativity prevents you from reaching your potential. Stay shut to all negativity and listen to the call of your purpose. The tips above will help you keep going regardless of everything.