You’re beautiful when you smile

smile face
smile face

A smile is the most beautiful thing you can ever wear. This saying can never hold true in humanity. Smile at a stranger and watch them melt in your show of compassion and love. Enter a gathering with a smile and get heads turning. Smile at your challenges and get them to go from mountains to dust. Smile at a downhearted and be the reason why they could see the bright side of life. Smile at your enemies and watch them go crazy with envy. Smile at the world and it will smile right back at you. Smiling no doubt is the beauty of life. A smiling heart and a smiling face do yourself good, help the others around you and make the world a beautiful place to be.

Why should you smile more?

There are so many reasons why you should smile:

It is beneficial for health:

A smiling person is a happy person and sicknesses and diseases seem to be far from them. Studies have shown that happy people seem to have a longer lifespan. For one it is great for the immune system, thanks to the release of feel-good chemicals. The immune system gets a boost that makes it function effectively as the body becomes more relaxed when you smile. Moreover, smiling is a good stress buster and it can also help in reducing blood pressure. Smile often and genuinely, your body will thank you!

Smile is a good mood booster

Smiling has been said to help release endorphins (the feel-good hormones) which helps boost the mood. It has a positive effect on the brain which trick the mind into a state of happiness even when it looks like the whole world is falling apart. Even when the smile is fake, they can still act as a great antidepressant, getting your brain to believe that life is beautiful after all. The next time you are feeling down, or nervous….smile. 

Smile makes you look more attractive

You can wear the most beautiful clothes, and the most expensive gold. If you aren’t wearing a smile, your dressing is never complete. Smile has been said to be the best accessory you can ever wear. Smiling can immediately lift your face making you appear more younger and attractive. Instead of investing in face surgery, try smiling more. The good thing is, it’s free! Moreover, people naturally tend to be drawn to those who smile. Who doesn’t want to be scoop in that embrace of love and affection through the power of a smile. People also tend to have a positive perception of those that smile. The opposite can be said of those who frown, or scowl.

Your smile makes others smile

Smiling is contagious. Various studies have proven that it’s a natural instinct for humans to mimic other facial expressions. Your smile lights up their mood and they tend to return the gesture. Hence, smiling doesn’t only do you good but those around you as well. 

What makes a smile beautiful?

You must have probably seen or heard a compliment that a person’s smile is beautiful. There are certain attributes that make people consider one’s smile to be beautiful. This ranges from the condition of the teeth to the gum to the tooth color. Healthy, beautiful, well-shaped teeth are of course considered more attractive than decayed, crooked teeth. The way the teeth are aligned to the mouth and overall facial features can make a big difference. Moreover, the whiter the teeth the better and your sparkly white teeth are sure to command some admiration when you smile. 

Although, the attributes are considered to make a smile more beautiful. What really matters is having healthy teeth and gum, coupled with a genuine smile to brighten the world. However, if you feel your teeth aren’t up to par, step up your dental hygiene or visit a dentist. 

What kind of smile is the most attractive?

There are different kinds of smiles with each having its own intentions and people have been captivated by them all. As much as we all should smile often, people tend to smile for different reasons. And whether genuine or fake, a smile can travel a longer way in people’s mind than we can ever imagine. 

The Duchenne smile has been considered the most attractive type of smile. For one it is considered genuine and one that comes from one’s deepest soul to melt the heart of others. While all smiles involve the corner lifting up, Duchenne smiles go all the way out to crumple the skin around the eye into a crow’s feet. It is considered the most genuine, happy smile.  Wondering what a happy smile means? A Duchenne smile will probably win as it is considered a smile that mirrors the total feeling of pleasures and happiness.

There are also other types of smiles which are considered non-genuine, polite smiles and necessarily don’t mean they are fake. They can be used to communicate social pleasantness, good intentions or trustworthiness. The kind of smile you sometimes give to a stranger, conceal information you want others to know, or win the heart of a man or woman you are attracted to. 

Bottom Line

Smile meaning in life carries a lot. Not only is it good for us, it is also beneficial to those around us. No wonder different studies have encouraged us to smile often. If this is something you find hard to do, make a conscious effort to start practicing it and it will come naturally to you in no time. Now…Smile!