How to Dress For Your Body Type?

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When you are dressing according to your body type, it looks charming and amazing, especially for women. Compared to men, women are more conscious of their body shape. So weaning to their size is necessary for women, as women do like to attract others. They want people to praise their dress and choice, but it is not an easy and simple task.

When you’re choosing a dress, it is quite necessary to know your body shape. There are various body types of women like pear, rectangle, athletic, and apple shapes. You need to identify your body shape and for that purpose use the body shape calculator specifically designed to identify your body shape. When you are able to identify your body shape, then it is better to identify a specific dress for yourself.

What is My Body Type?

On the basis of the type of female body, women’s bodies are divided into the following categories:

  1. Pear shape 
  2. Hourglass 
  3. Apple shape 
  4. Athletic body

How to Choose a Dress for Pear Shaped Body?

When Women have comparatively smaller shoulders and larger size of hips, then it means they have pear-shaped bodies. For confirming whether are you a pear shape, just enter your measurements in the body type calculator.

 It is essential to know your body shape as designers are preparing various dressing by keeping a specific women shape in mind. Such women can wear little tighter upper body dresses but better to wear dresses that do not expose their hips and lower portions. Women do need to wear dresses suitable to their body shape and type, use the body shape calculator to identify your body shape.

How to Choose a Dress for an Hourglass-Shaped Body?

If you have a slimmer waist and relatively broader shoulders and hips,  means you have an hourglass body shape. You can say hourglass is the perfect body for a woman, and such women do look quite sexy in tight dresses. But can also wear loose dressing as they have heavier bust and shoulder areas. Wear dresses suitable to your body shape and type, and use the body shape calculator to identify your body shape.

How to Choose a Dress for Apple Shaped Body?

Women having larger shoulders, waist, bust, and hips areas, means they have an Apple-shaped body. Apple-size women are mostly considered the plus-size category due to their extended belly and waist area. If you are a little overweight and plus size don’t worry. Choose the dressing from the plus size category and feel stylish and relaxed.

How to Choose a Dress for an Athletic-Shaped Body?

The athletic body shape women are usually sportsmen and do regular exercise. Athletic body shape women require nothing to hide due to their beautiful body shapes. These women can choose to wear tight jeans and a T-shirt, but they still look absorbing due to their balanced body shape.

Women’s Body Shape and Dressing:

Women do need to wear according to their body shape and type, use the body shape calculator to identify your body shape. The female body types chart identifies that there specific need for women to look stylish in their dressing.

  • If you have a pear body shape select a dress that exposes a little to your lower portion. This would give an illusion of an hourglass body shape. Pear body shape can wear a skirt or a pair of jeans to focus on your lower body parts.
  • Hourglass body shape women can afford to expose a little to their upper and lower body figures. It is better to show your slim waist, long and tight shirts are a  good option for hourglass women.
  • The Apple shape womens are plus-size body shapes. it is better to wear a little loose dress to hide an extended body figure.
  •  Athletic body shape women can afford to wear tighter dresses due to their smart bodies. Athletic body shape women have no fear of exposing body parts. They can wear tight and skinny jeans and a tighter upper to expose their beautiful bodies, yes they can afford to expose 

Choosing a dress perfect for your body shape is essential for women, consider if you have a plus-size body. Then it is essential to wear it according to your size. If plus-size women are wearing tighter dresses, then it looks a little odd. Use a body shape calculator to identify what is your body shape and what is best for you to wear.