Everything You Need To Know Before Buying PS5 Pro Controller

ps5 pro controller

Obtaining a PS5 pro controller is still proving to be a monumental task two years later. But eventually, when we do obtain one, we’ll want to mark the occasion by making sure it’s outfitted with the greatest controllers. Although Sony’s DualSense is fairly excellent, there are a ton of different solutions that offer greater customization possibilities or better game-playing experiences.

Considering that the DualSense is currently offered in six distinct color schemes, e.g. purple ps5 controller and PS5 red controller. It’s not a bad idea to keep one or two extras ready at hand. Having said that, in complement to DualSense, you should think from your other controller alternatives.

When it comes to playing PS5 games, the selection of third-party controllers is limited, but Scuf Gaming, a store for third parties, has introduced the Scuf Reflex, a pretty great premium choice. Furthermore, a few of the best PS4 controllers are backward compatible with PS4 titles on PS5, whereas others can be used with games on Sony’s succeeding platform. We’ve created a list of the most effective PS5 pro controller right now. It’s also likely that this list will alter in the future because Sony is planning to introduce its controller which is the PS5 pro controller design.

Types of PS5 pro controllers that we highly recommend to enjoy your games

Wireless Controller with DualSense

When compared to the DualShock 4, it is a significant ergonomic gain. The PS5 DualSense wireless controller is a superb controller that also provides tactile feedback. In plain English, haptic feedback is just a fancy vibration feature, but in practice, it’s kind of magical when you play PS5 games that implement it well, like Astro’s Playroom and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.


Adjustable prompts built into the L2 and R2 buttons create tension that feels authentic in a variety of situations, such as when stroking back arrow shafts or swapping amongst different weapons. A built-in microphone on the DualSense wireless controller allows for online play, and similarly, like the DualShock 4, there is a 3.5mm connector for plugging in your PS5 headset directly to hear other online gamers or simply to experience game audio.

Naturally, the PS5 ships with a single DualSense controller, but if you’re buying a second PS5 pro controller, it’s not a bad idea to pick up a second DualSense to use for local multiplayer or while the other is charging. The authorized PS5 DualSense charging station is also advised for this use. For more information on why the DualSense is such a remarkable next-gen attachment, see our PS5 review.

White, Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, Nova Pink, and Skylight Blue are the available colors for DualSense. Retail prices for the Midnight Black and White variants are $70, while those for the other hues are $75 each.

The PS5 Pro Controller by Controller People

A small business in the UK called The Controller People customizes PS5 controllers by adding dazzling, vibrant colors and, occasionally, extra features. Three different Pro-style PS5 controllers are available from TCP, and thanks to some creative features, they stand out from other custom DualSense controllers.

All of TCP’s professional controllers feature “ClickSticks,” which are remappable back inputs in the form of elevated sticks that are roughly the same height as your middle finger in breadth. The idea is intriguing, and it’s done effectively. These sticks have ridges and a natural curve to them. For individuals who find traditional back paddles or triggers uncomfortable, the arrangement feels natural and provides an alternative.

All three of TCP’s professional controller models are included with the ClickSticks. Digital Triggers and replaceable analog sticks that just snap on and off are both available as TCP Pro upgrades. The Digital Triggers shorten the draw distance while offering a pleasant mouse-like click.

The TCP Ultimate, which has even more functions, costs about $180. All of the Pro’s functions are included, along with extra domed sticks, separate buttons for each D-pad input, and a textured grip. Rumble motors and adjustable triggers, two features that can annoy professional gamers, are also eliminated.

Sharp Raion

The Razer Raion is a wired PS4 controller that may be used with PS5 games that are backward compatible with PS4. With a six-button setup that resembles a combat stick and an eight-way D-pad which snaps, it still boasts the greatest fighting pad for PlayStation games at the moment. Razer yellow switches for quick inputs are used on somewhat larger-than-normal buttons. You may also disable extra buttons that you don’t need with a button lock option to eliminate accidentally hitting the wrong inputs amid contests.

Furthermore, the Razer Raion is featherweight sufficiently light to be grasped steadily in one hand while tapping the buttons with the other in an accordion motion. Thanks to a switch, you won’t have to switch to a fully complete controller to do things like customizing characters.

FS Victrix Pro

Our ultimate recommendation for the best PS4 combat stick, the Victrix Pro FS, is also the best PS5 combat stick. The Victrix Pro FS is a premium option that works with the PS5. It is made of sturdy aluminum, and its parts, which include a precise and pleasurable stick and eight similarly gratifying tactile custom power devices, feel extraordinarily robust.

FS Victrix Pro

Additional features of this PS5 pro controller fighting stick include configurable controls, customizable illumination and audio, and an easy access door for changing out parts for customization. With grips, a plastic organizer to loop the cord around, and a detachable joystick that can be put in the bottom, it is also quite portable.


The DualSense Edge is the first  PS5 pro controller from Sony for the PS5. The intended audience for this controller is avid players who need to adapt the gamepad to both their style of play and various games. It has back paddles, which are perfect for shooters, and you can swap out the face buttons and sticks as well as the controller profiles.  We accept guest posts here related to similar articles.