AbleMed EHR vs Cocentrix EHR: Comparison


Two of the most widely used EMR systems are AbelMed and Cocentrix. These companies were established around 20 years ago. They have been providing software systems at a low price to hospitals and clinics across the country for over 20 years. Both companies are leaders in their respective fields and have a reputation for being reliable and steady.

The headquarters of AbelMed is in Jefferson City, Missouri. Robert Fuller founded the company to provide a simple-to-use platform that allowed doctors to spend more time talking to patients than entering data into computers. Fuller was also concerned about privacy and created a system to protect patient information at all times.

Dr. Arthur Wittenberg founded Cocentrix in 2000 after noticing that many doctors still used paper charts over digital records systems. Dr. Arthur Wittenberg created PracticeWorks, a software system that allowed doctors to manage the data of their patients without having to manually enter or write it down.

Both companies offer powerful software packages that provide many features to doctors who need them.

AbleMed EMR Features

Usability: AbleMed is loved for its user-friendly interface. It’s much simpler to use than Cocentrix which can be confusing for novice users. It is easy to learn if you are familiar with other EMR systems and have used them before.

Security: Both providers offer security solutions. However, it is important that you remember that security does not only include encryption. It also includes data protection and access control. Concentrix is behind AbleMed in this regard because it has more stringent access control policies. Only you can access patient information if it is required by your job or if someone else has access rights.

Electronic medical records (EMR) AbleMed EHR automatically creates new patient records for patients who visit your office. The system allows you to view past visits and see laboratory results.

Patient Portal: AbleMed EHR also includes a patient portal that allows patients to access their medical records online. Patients can send messages to their doctors, request appointments, and pay their bills online.

Medical billing: AbleMed EHR allows you to create invoices for every service you provide and generate reports for reimbursement purposes by insurance companies or Medicare/Medicaid.

Cocentrix EMR features

Patient Portal: Patients can view their clinical information on their tablets or smartphones using this feature. This portal allows patients to send messages and request appointments with their doctors.

Practice Management: The system’s practice management module allows you to keep track of your expenses, manage employees’ data, and submit insurance claims online.

Electronic Prescriptions – can be created electronically by the system. These prescriptions can then be accessed electronically by pharmacies via a HIPAA-compliant server. This reduces paperwork and ensures patient safety.

Patient Portal – This web-based application allows patients to access their medical history, communicate directly with providers, and request refills.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – An electronic database that stores a patient’s medical information, such as lab results and diagnoses, medication, and allergies.

Mobile App – You can access your patient records from anywhere you are using the mobile app. You will be notified when prescriptions are available for pickup or when an appointment is scheduled.

Review of AbleMed EHR vs. Cocentrix EHR

Overall, Cocentrix is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars by G2 Crowd. Users rate it 4.1 out of 5 stars. Although most reviews are positive, some users complained about the lack of support for the software. The product is simple to use, and it increases efficiency and communication in the hospital. Some people may have had previous experience with other software and might find it difficult to switch to this product. It takes longer than other programs.

AbleMed’s product is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars by G2 Crowd. It has a 4 out of 5-star user rating. Users love how easy it is to use, compared with other EHR systems. It is easy to navigate the software and find what you need quickly, and many reviewers agree. Some reviewers complain that the software lacks sufficient features or it is difficult to use.

AbleMed EHR Pricing vs Cocentrix EHR Pricing

AbleMed EHR is available in three versions: Standard, Premium, or Enterprise. Although the Standard edition is free, it has limited features. The Premium edition is $29 per user per month. The Enterprise edition is $99 per user per month.

Cocentrix EHR provides a free version that lets you create up to 25 patient files and store up to 30 notes. This version doesn’t have many of the same features as the paid version. You will need to pay $49 for one seat and $99 for two or more for all the features of Cocentrix EHR Premium.

You can get a free trial of AbleMed EHR from their website if you’re interested in trying it before you buy.


AbleMed is a fully-featured EHR that can handle complex billing and post-acute care. It is a great choice for any size or type of practice due to its user-friendly interface, outstanding support, and training programs.

Cocentrix is a basic EHR, but it lacks many advanced features that are found in other products. Although it can meet basic needs, Cocentrix is not able to provide advanced workflows or custom reporting capabilities.