Top 8 Disinfection Myths That Can Sabotage House Cleaning


So many myths dominate the internet. Enter the pin back at the ATM, and you will call the police – cool theory, but false. Your ISP tracks your move – Not true. All older people get dementia – you cannot tell for sure. With such lies spread here and there, is it a shock that many of the house cleaning tricks you read online have zero evidence?

Keep the bleach aside. Step away from your kitchen premises. Instead, check out the below write-up that uncovers some of the most common disinfection myths that tend to sabotage your cleaning efforts. The myths discussed below will certainly help you protect against sabotage in house cleaning and to have the best cleaning results.

  1. Cleaning and Disinfecting are the same

Professional and best house cleaners said that even though used synonymously, house cleaning and disinfecting are two separate things.

Cleaning involves the removal of dirt, germs, and impurities. It does not destroy the germs but decreases their numbers and the chances of infection.

Disinfecting, on the contrary, kills the germs. This process cannot, unfortunately, make spaces spick and span.

  1. Disinfectants Work Immediately

You may think that disinfectants can zap the virus particles in one swipe, but like all good things, they take time. A product is sold and marketed as a disinfectant only if it shows effects within ten minutes or less.

No matter what disinfectant you buy, please go through the directions for how long a surface must stay wet. You have to saturate the surfaces for a couple of minutes to kill the germs.

  1. Plant-Based Disinfectants are Not Effective

You must be sceptical about the plant-based and eco-friendly disinfectants but do not write them off quickly. As long a product is registered as a disinfectant with EPA, it would work.

Most alcohol-based disinfectants are manufactured from isopropyl alcohol, but ethyl alcohol is a plant-based alternative that works right and is approved by most cleaning experts.

  1. Air Freshener Helps Clean the Air

Another misconception that people mostly have is that air fresheners clean the air. This is not true at all because what air fresheners do is they just perfume a room to mask bad odors but do not clean it. In order to get clean and fresh air, it is best advised to open the windows and allow air to circulate in the room.

  1. Vacuum Cleaners are Not Good for Rugs

Most people consider that vacuuming carpets and rugs quite often cause unwanted wear and tear on the same. In fact, failing to vacuum a carpet regularly results in a pile of dust settling on the surface, leading to the carpet’s breakdown in the long run.

If the carpet is not cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals, this will lead to different health issues. Thus, vacuuming the carpet at regular intervals is best to keep the house clean and maintain the best health standards.

  1. Disinfectants are Poisonous

This was true even a few years ago. But, in recent times, most companies have been developing sustainable and safe disinfectants for the common people. Just carry out thorough research and study the fine print carefully.

If a disinfectant contains toxic chemicals, you must clean the surface properly to avoid leaving behind harmful residues.

  1. Bleach Cleans Everything

It is important to keep in mind that bleach is not a cleaning agent. While bleaching can clean any stain and destroy the germs on surfaces like the kitchen, floors, restrooms, and counters, it can never deliver the efficiency of a cleaning agent. Bleaching cannot remove stubborn patches of dirt from any surface. Apart from all these, another downside of using bleach is that it rusts metals and damages tinted surfaces badly.

  1. Vinegar is a Disinfectant

The expert cleaning company said vinegar is a cleaner but not a disinfectant. We have already cleared the difference between cleaning and disinfection. In other words, vinegar can remove dirt but cannot kill germs.

Since I managed to debunk almost all of the myths, you can go ahead and contact a cleaning company. With a wide range of options readily available, please consider the following factors before arriving at a decision – professionalism, reliability, attention to detail, proven track record, value for money, and quality of the staff.

It is important to keep in mind that a clean home does not necessarily mean it is free from germs and viruses. This is one such aspect that must get special care from the households. Our house is a safe haven, and by practicing proper hygiene measures, you can have good energy in your life.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section on which of the misconceptions you had in your mind disrupted your cleaning habits. This will save many from doing similar mistakes and add more edge to house cleaning chores.