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Ipl final 2022 winner team

Hardik Pandya starred with bat and ball as Gujarat Titans clinched the IPL title in their debut season with a seven-wicket victory over Rajasthan Royals in front of a record crowd of 104,859 on Sunday

Cannes film festival 2022 best outfits

All the Can't-Miss Looks from the 2022 Cannes Flim Festival

What to Eat and Avoid for Health

Protein foods including legumes, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean protein, and nuts and seeds make up the majority of a healthy diet.

Protein-rich pre-exercise meals

The right exercise and diet work wonders on the body. The number of pre-workout foods available for fitness enthusiasts is numerous. These foods have nutrients that nourish the body and reduce hunger.

Bungee Exercises

Bungee exercises are done in specially prepared exercise studios by specially trained bungee experts who oversee the bungee exercises. Bungee exercise aims to do rigorous exercise routines.

Corset – A Great Tool for Your Body Modification

Corsets are an article of clothing worn to shape the body. It helps to constrict the waist, support the bosom and give an illusion of a larger bottom. It can be worn.

Met Gala 2022 Red Carpet Fashion: The Star’s Style

Fashion is a style of clothing or way of behaving that is popular at a particular time. Fashion is the area of activity that involves style of appearance. Fashion can also simply mean our lifestyle.

Wearable tech trends for 2022

People are becoming more aware of wearable IoT devices such as fitness bands, smartwatches, and smart eyewear, among others. Wearable technology has grown to the point that it has entered new markets.

Trendy summer hairstyle

Summer hairstyles are noted for becoming especially lively in order to match the warm, sunny weather. Find your summer look here, from ginormous frills to classic spillages.


A smile is the most beautiful thing you can ever wear. This saying can never hold true in humanity. Smile at a stranger and watch them melt in your show of compassion and love.