Sate Your Hunger and Stay Healthy With Pre-workout Meals

Pre-workout Meals (1)

Do you have an interest in exercise and at the same time are concerned about your body’s nourishment? Are you interested in healthy exercises for the body? The answer lies with you. It depends on your exercise type and the food you eat.

Optimizing your nutritional diet before working out is a must to achieve a balance between your body and diet. This will enhance your muscles and let your body recover after exercise.

The right exercise and diet work wonders on the body. The number of pre-workout foods available for fitness enthusiasts is numerous. These foods have nutrients that nourish the body and reduce hunger. The foods prepare the body in readiness for the exercise routine. An example is a food product called epitome pre-workout nutrition. Epitome is a favorite among fitness experts because it gives them the energy they need.

How to Choose a Good Pre-exercise Meal

The best pre-workout meal must contain the following nutrients so that the consumer can get a balanced diet. If any pre-workout meal/ingredients lack any of these, you might end up malnourished. However, the quantity of the nutrient consumed will depend on the body type and workout routine. Therefore, talk to your nutritionist before planning a pre-workout meal.

Must-have pre-exercise nutrients are:


If your diet is rich in protein, your performance while working out will improve.

You may consume protein-only-rich foods or consume proteinous food and carbs before an exercise. Protein synthesizes the bones. Furthermore, it enables the body to heal or recover after an illness.

Why consuming protein-rich pre-exercise foods is beneficial:

  • Gives energy and strengthens the body.
  • Increase muscle mass and growth.
  • Improves anabolic responses
  • Speed of body recovery after working out.


Carbohydrate(carbs) is part of the major nutrients every athlete and fitness enthusiast must consume. Lack of carbs may cause weakness in the body due to weak and underdeveloped bones. An individual who lacks carbohydrates lacks energy and vigor. Hence, you need carbohydrates to supply your body with glucose which in turn gives you energy. Glucose is stored in the body and muscles and used when the body needs it.

Suppose your exercise routine is highly intensive but short, it’s advisable to take meals rich in carbohydrates. Whereas for long and less intensive exercises, you must regulate your carbohydrate intake. The amount taken is determined by how intense the workout is and your physique. The reason is that the longer you work out, the more you use the energy stored in your muscles. This also reduces your performance.

Why do you need carbohydrates? Consuming carbohydrate-rich pre-workout foods will increase the stored glycogen in your muscles during workouts. Food rich in carbs is rice, bread, and so on. So load up on your carbohydrate if you want to work out intensely.


Fat-rich foods contain fats that give the body long-term energy. Thus, fat is necessary for people who participate in long, but less intensive workouts. Fat is good because it increases stamina. While carbohydrates are vital for short, but intense workouts.

Pre-exercise Diet Plan

It is necessary to have a diet plan that aligns with your workout time.

To achieve this, consume food that has the major nutrients at least 120 minutes before you start exercising. Although it may not be easy to find a meal with these nutrients before your workout. If this happens, reduce your food portion. That is, when the time for working out is near, consume a little portion of food. Let the food contain simple ingredients that are easily digestible. For instance, you have set a workout time that will start in 50 minutes. Yet, you have not eaten. Then you must take a meal that is rich in carbohydrates but has little protein for easy digestion. This will not irritate your stomach, but make it comfortable during a workout.

It’s reasonable to adequately mix carbs and little protein when your workout time is near. On the other hand, if you desire fatty food, you should consume it 120 minutes before you exercise.

Meal plan for a workout that begins in three-four hours

  • Omelets with brown bread toast and fruits.
  • Salad and brown bread sandwich. Add lean meat to the food.

Diet plan for a workout that begins in 120 minutes

  • Proteinous smoothies with berries that contain milk. Add an apple.
  • Take oats and milk. You may add bananas and nuts.
  • Brown bread sandwich with fruits.

Meal plan for a workout that begins in one hour or 50 minutes

  • Any fruit and Greek yogurt
  • Protein bars and fruits
  • An orange or avocado

Examples of Pre-workout foods

Below are recommended pre-exercise foods.

Epitome Pre-workout Food

Advantages of Taking Epitome Pre-Exercise Food

  • Improves mental ability
  • Strengthens the body and muscles
  • Increases stamina
  • Enhance endurance


A serving of oatmeal contains:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Protein

However, oats release carbohydrates into the body slowly, which makes them different from other carb foods. This is an ideal meal to have before an exercise because it steadily supplies you with energy while exercising. Hence, it’s essential for long, but slow workouts.

The healthiest oats are those made in Ireland. They are made with fewer preservatives. These oats have less amount of glycemic content.


Consuming a banana gives your body:

  • Carbs
  • Potassium

Potassium improves the nerves while carbs strengthen the bones. Banana has a high concentration of carbs which makes it good to consume as a pre-exercise meal.

Preserved Fruits

When you dry fruits, you preserve them for long periods. Although these fruits end up losing moisture and few nutrients, they still have carbohydrates. This makes it easy for the body to easily digest them after eating them before working out.

Brown Bread

Brown bread is rich in carbs and protein. It is more nutritious than white bread.


Don’t ignore your health because you wish for a perfect body. Nourish and cherish your body with good nutritious food. Never starve yourself and damage your body. Eat a balanced diet so that you may see the result of your workout. Take epitome pre-workout nutrition to nourish your mind, body, and muscles. Remember, a healthy body keeps major sickness away.