whatsapp cool tricks

Hey! friends, this time we come with a buzzing article about a most using social media platform called whatsapp. We are very well known about all the features of whatsapp and time to time it  offers new features for making our conversation more interesting.

But in this article we will show some more new hacks which you will implement in your whatsapp experience.

By these cool whatsapp trick you can add some more features in your whatsapp. So lets get started!


Schedule WhatsApp Messages:

Hey friends! suppose tonight is yours friend’s birthday and you are very keen to wish him at 12 o’clock but you are also feeling tired so, by using this trick you can schedule your whatsapp messages. After scheduling your message just do your work or just sleep without any issue.

whatsapp cool trick

One thing which you have to do for this hack is that just download a app in your android smartphone called SQEDit

cool whatsapp trick

Fake Whatsapp Account:

whatsapp cool trick

Due to some personal reason, if you wish that you would have an account on which no one can   call you.Unfortunately, whatsapp could not allow this thing. So, just use third party app PRIMO. 

Here you will get a free temporary number for 15 day. In this app you will receive messages and call for 15 days, so you can easily create your fake whatsapp account.Download it from

cool whatsapp trick


Create your GIF’S:

whatsapp cool trick

As we are moving toward other cool whatsapp trick and we talk about text elements. Emoji’s, pics, stickers and gif’s are now become important part of our text conversation. We use other apps to create GIF’s but know without using other apps we can create GIF’s directly from whatsapp. Foe this you have to do a very simple task just send 6 sec video to other people and while you are sending that video a GIF option will appear on your screen.

By just clicking on GIF’s option, that video will be sent as GIF.