Best Torrent Sites of 2018: Torrent Sites and Precaution of Torrenting

In this article, I am going to talk about Best Torrents Sites. Torrent is the most controversial part of the internet. I will show you best torrent sites and by using these websites you will be able to download anything from the internet in your system.

Unfortunately, last year we see a big break down of famous torrent sites like the KickAss torrent, etc. But don’t worry here is the list of Best Torrent Sites of 2018.

List of Best Torrent Sites:

Pirate Bay:

There’s a popular saying that “OlD IS GOLD”, yes pirate bay is one of the oldest torrent sites and ranked as number one in the list of torrents sites.

Best Torrent Sites- The Pirat Bay

Pirate bay follows the peer to peer method of BitTorrents

It’s Origin: Sweden

Launched in: 2003

A massive number of people use this torrent daily so that this site ranked one of the best torrent sites this year also.

Pirate Bay is a free torrent site and offers you to download movies, songs, videos and lot of other stuff.


Best Torrent Sites-Torrentz2

For the movie lover, this is one the best torrent sites to download movies. Torrentz2 comes with a strong meta-search engine combining results from many of search engines. Torrentz2 is the duplicate site of recently shutting torrent site named as torrentz. Torrentz2 used metasearch engine and it as said that this site has more speed and better indexing.  Here, indexing 59,642,496 torrents from 124,468,859 pages.


Best Torrent Sites- EZTV

For T.V. lover this is the best torrent site as it offers you to download T.V. torrents easily and with fast speed. The best part of this torrent is its quality and this site consistently delivering good quality of content through a long time.


Best Torrent Sites- 1337x

This torrent site is another follower of BitTorrent protocol. In 1337x, there are directories of torrent sites and peer-to-peer sending of files. This site is new, not having a large data storage but there is something good for you. Here you will found, Movies, Television, Games, Music Application, Anime, Documentaries and other.

In 2016, this site is ranked as the sixth most popular torrent site.


Best Torrent Sites- Torrentfunk


According to TorrentFunk website, this torrent will let you download all type of content from verified torrents.


Best Torrent Sites- YTS.AG

This torrent site claims that here you will file with small size and high quality. The video format available is 720p, 1080p, and 4k also.


Best Torrent Sites- RARBG

This torrent website is founded in 2008. RARBG has the magnets links to facilitate the peer -to – peer sending of files. This torrent also based on the BitTorrent protocol. Here you will find the section of movies, music, games, and software.


Best Torrent SItes- Torlock2

Fast and quick torrent which allows you to download the latest content from the torrent. BitTorrent protocol-based torrent. Here you will find fresh popular torrents.

These are the multimedia based torrents sites and if you are a book lover and you are finding torrent sites for downloading e-books, then click here – ebook torrent

About BitTorrent:

BitTorrent is an internet software making company based in San Francisco.  BitTorrent created their protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (“P2P”) which is used to distribute data and electronic files over the Internet.

At present, it is the most common protocol used for transfer large files, such as digital video files containing TV shows or video clips or digital audio files containing songs.

Precaution during torrenting:

  • VPN & Proxies

A good practice a lot of people do is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxies to hide their IP address while entering the world of torrents. The major reason being that as unregulated the world of the torrent is and it’s reputation and chances of tracking, people don’t want any records of their visit.

  • Quantity of Seeders

The number of seeders means a secure torrent file you are downloading. A file with less risk of the virus. So be sure about seeders while downloading something from torrent.

  • Legality

Torrent itself is not illegal. Torrent is just a peer to peer file sharing method used for transferring big files. There are a lot of content that can be legally downloaded like Linux distributions and other stuff. But most people use torrent to download movies and cracked games and pirated software. That will be copyright infringement and illegal. A simple test to know whether what you want to download is legal or not: If you’re getting something for free via torrent for which you would have to pay otherwise, it’s most likely illegal.

  • Antivirus 

Installed antivirus is important on your mobile or computer. Because an antivirus can only prevent your system from an attached malicious virus with the torrent content. You can also use your window defender if antivirus is not installed.


  • Avoid Extra Attach Files

When you are downloading a file from the torrent in this case sometimes there are some extra executable files are attached, so just avoid these files because these files may carry some virus in it.

  • Authentic Source

Don’t go downloading from random sources. Get torrents from popular sources and known uploaders. Be cautious while using torrent downloaded cracked software, they can be infected and can steal data and damage your system.

Wrapping Words:

Downloading content from torrent is really a fun. We are getting stuff free and easy. Movies are available next day after release. But, just remember one thing we are downloading copyright stuff without their permission, so be careful using all the pre-caution defined above for safe torrenting.