Google Tez App



Google Tez App is a new digital payment method runs on both android and ios system. This app is specially designed for India as its interface is available in almost all Indian languages. Including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

  • As it is mobile payment app so you will easily download it from play store as well as app store. Download link are given below.



  • In Nokia, Xolo, Micromax, Lava, Panasonic’s mobiles Google Tez App will be preloaded.
  • It uses UPI method to transfer money from one device to another.
  • Just by entering your mobile number which is associated with your bank account you will registered to this app.

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Google Tez App setup:

  1. When you entered your mobile number, you will get an confirmation code on your phone, enter that number.  Now, you will get an new UPI id which is now associated with your gmail id.
  • In android devices, google account is selected by default but, you can change it by entering account manually also.
  • And in IOS devices users are prompted to sign into their Google Accounts manually.
  1. To keep the Google Tez app secure you have the option of locking it down with your fingerprint on devices with a fingerprint scanner or using a PIN for the app. While you do have the option to keep the same PIN as screen unlock, we will strongly recommend that you set up a different PIN.



The application does not require users to share any personal information such as mobile numbers or usernames like other payment applications, instead uses Audio QR codes that rely on sound transmitted at a frequency inaudible to the human ear from the payee handset to the merchant handset. This technology does away with the need for NFC chips on the handsets and holds an additional advantage because a significant number of smartphones in India and other developing markets do not have NFC chips embedded.