Google Assistant: Your New Android Buddy!

google assistant

google assistant

Hello guys! Today we come with a new article or to introduce you people with our new assistant i.e our android’s assistant GOOGLE ASSISTANT. It is your on call present assistant. What you have to do is just say”OK GOOGLE”

Google Assistant

Very gently and sweetly, it will  reply you and ask you what you want from him.

How Google Assistant started:

As to compete with Iphone’s  assistant Siri, google launched their assistant along with Google Pixel. But now Google assistant available in all android smartphones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.

Their is another option which will enable Google assistant in your smartphone i.e. Google Allo app. Basically it is a messaging app launched by google and along with you will able to use Google Assistant.

For knowing  more about Google Allo Click Here!


Some awesome things about Google Assistant:

1. Set your nickname for Google Assistant:

Open it and say  “Call me your_name“. Have a look in image below.

google assistant

2. Your perfect news updater:

Open it and say “What’s the news?“. And many news resources will be opened.

Google Assistant

3. If you feel bored:

Just say I’m feel bored and check out in image below what google have to get rid of boredom.

Google assistant

4. Find places by Google Assistant:

For example, if you want to search restaurant near you, just say find restaurant near me and see in image below but assistant shows you.

Another example is, if you want to search ATM near you, the again say find ATM near me and see what it will show

google assistant

5. Live cricket score:

For cricket score say live cricket score and see the results.

Google Assistant


These are only five common things which you will perform on it, but these are not only things their are lots of many interesting thing which can your assistant do for you. So try other things by yourself and tell me in comment section.