NordVPN Review : Your Privacy’s Security Lock

We are living in the era of internet, without internet, our daily life will be very survival because we are very habitual of the internet. Along with surfing the internet we also anxious about our security on the web. For our security and privacy purposes, we use some proxy servers or VPN (Virtual Private Network). Basically, VPN protects us online from hackers, crackers, and cyber criminals,etc.

Nordvpn Review

Today we are talking about an amazing VPN provider and that is NordVPN. Before talking about NordVPN we should knowledgeable to VPN. What exactly VPN is? How does it work?

VPN is a security tool used for security purposes online while surfing the websites in restricted places like school, colleges, and offices etc. Basically, VPN hides the user’s IP address and location. It is used to be protected from surveillance or censorship.

If we talk about the security budget then only one name will pop up that is NordVPN. An amazing VPN provided tool is fully loaded with all kind of online security tools. NordVPN was started in 2012 and, In very short time this VPN becomes one of the popular security provider tools.

What NordVPN offers to You :

  • Online Freedom: Everyone who surfs on the internet wants that his details should be confidential. Every internet service provider has an access to its user’s details and also some organizations can see what we are browsing online. NordVPN will provide you the complete security from surveillance.

What will you get in online freedom :

  • Servers and Locations: You have provided with 3211 different servers from 60 different countries across the world. Which helps to browse anonymously in any prohibited area with different country IP address so that it will not easy to track the user.
  • Streaming: NordVPN supports P2P sharing. It is the best way to hastily sharing the file or data on the network to the large group of people. You will offer advanced security option, such as double data encryption and DNS leak protection.
  • Smart play: It is another special feature provided by NordVPN that helps you to browse or get access content on a website that is normally not available due to online surveillance. This technology allows you to enjoy all of the features of VPN like strong data encryption with secure.
  • Privacy: On internet what privacy means is your IP address. You can experience real online privacy with just a few clicks. NordVPN provides full protection to your online activities when you browsing the web. When your IP is known to any hacker or unauthorized user then you might not be safe because with your IP address attacker can find your location and also can see what are you searching or you can be tracked or under surveillance.

In Privacy What Will You Get :

  • Protect your IP address: By using NordVPN we can surf anonymously without getting tracked or censorship. IP address helps you to send and receive the data online on any network. Internet service provider, cybercriminals or advertiser find new ways to spying what you search and track your activities behind the server. Many time you have seen that you search for any product on any business platform website then after closing the search some ads are shown to you which are related to the product your search, means you are under surveillance to an advertiser. This is protected by hiding the IP address and NordVPN does it expressively.
  • Strict no logs policy: In this policy you need not be afraid from the side of automatic log saving. In NordVPN your logs will be automatically removed. In other words, none of our private or secured data is logged and gathered at any time.
  • Onion over VPN: Onion and VPN are the tools used for private surfing anonymously. When you want to use onion then you need a separate browser (Tor) and also same in VPN case. But NordVPN provides you both the features in the same place.

Advantages of using NordVPN :

  • Cybersecurity: NordVPN provides full protection of computers, networks and data etc from unauthorized users, attacker or cybercriminals.
  • Block the ads: This is one of the best feature of NordVPN that it blocks the flashy ads on any webpage. Some of the websites can misbehave due to no permission to pop up ads.
  • Easy to use: There are not any complexion to use it. It can operate within few clicks. First, download it and then install and after installation, you only have to register your plan.
  • Multi-user: Most of the VPN service provider cannot provide this facility for multi-user. NordVPN can connect up to 6 users simultaneously.

Pricing of NordVPN :

It is a fully loaded security service tool with advanced features. When we talk about any paid VPN tool then the first question comes to our mind is that, How much is it expensive?

NordVPN offers much more feature as compared to its price. It’s cost with different plans for different time periods.

  • Simple plan is a one month plan which is provided at a very cheap price of $11.95 only. This offer is best one for monthly users.
  • The second plan has to offers of payment. If you want two-year subscription then you have to pay an amount of $79.00. If anybody wants per month payment option then $3.29 have to pay only.
  • The third plan has also two options for payment. If you want one-year subscription then you have to pay $69.00 per annum. If you choose per month payment option then you have to pay only $5.75.

Conclusion :

It is an amazing virtual service provider tool at a low price range.

There is a money cash back option in which if you don’t like the services provided then you can claim for cash back and this cash back option will be provided up to 30 days. We can say that it is one of the most trusted VPN.

We prospect that above-mentioned information about NordVPN is useful to you.