Top Internet Browsers 2018: For Windows, iOS and Android

Internet Browser most important part of our life because in present we are totally dependent on the Internet from our morning’s crawling of social web pages to lunch’s news swiping and ending’s entertainment shows. These all things are only possible with the Internet and Internet is possible on Internet Browser.

Internet Browser is the platform for the Internet. According to its definition, Internet Browser is a set of programs which we use to run Internet and to access web pages. And if I’ll explain you it in computer terminology, then an internet browser act as a translator which convert the code of a website in which they are created in user readable form.

In our daily life we use these internet browsers for web surfing In this article, I’ll be going to tell you about different internet browsers for your windows, ios and mobile systems.

History of Internet Browser:

Tim Berner Lee, founder of first web browser and named as World Wide Web in 1990.  NCSA Mosaic was the first widely used web browser.

List of Internet Browser: For Window User

Google Chrome:

As its name tells that it is a browser of Google. Launched in September 2008. Firstly, it was only for  Microsoft Windows and was later introduced to macOS, ios, Linux and  Android. Now google expand its chrome name by launching its different product i.e.  Chromecast, Chromebook, Chrome bit, Chromebox, and Chromebase.

Google Chrome- Blogeternal

The WebKit layout engine is used by Google Chrome with total 27 version. DNS prefetching is used by chrome to boost up its speed. If we talk about its stability then after its version 23 the makers have claimed that improved battery life for the systems supporting Chrome’s GPU accelerated video decoding.


  1. It allows its users to synchronize their history, bookmark, and settings across all devices with the browser installed by sending and receiving data through a chosen Google Account.
  2. It clears all the web standards test with an excellent score and fully supported with HTML 5.
  3. Ad blocking and malware blocking is also available in Google Chrome.
  4. Add plugins in Google Chrome.
  5. As its privacy concern, incognito mode and user tracking are theirs.

Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla launched their browser with a tagline ” Internet for people, not profit” on November 2004. Mozilla is a free and open source web browser. This browser developed by the Mozilla foundation which is also a part of Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla at present not only running a browser but they running a mission for the whole world. The running engine is of Gecko layout which includes all web standards.

Mozilla Firefox-Blogeternal

The development of Mozilla Firefox started in 2012 with a code name of Pheonix. Basically, Firefox is not their first browser, it is the successor of Netscape Navigator. Now as it full version launched it comes with  web standards, including HTML4 (almost full HTML5),  XML, XHTML, MathML, SVG 2 (partial), CSS (with extensions), ECMAScript (JavaScript), DOM, XSLT, XPath, and APNG (Animated PNG) images with alpha transparency.


  1. It allows its user with the feature of blocking advertisements and Flash content, to integrating social networks and email, to assisting Web developers to debug and review live code.
  2. It is open source, so it invites all the enthusiastic coders to contribute to this browser.
  3. Pop-up blocker, anti-phishing and anti-malware warnings all are available in Mozilla Firefox and this was the first browser to allow private mode.

Microsoft Edge:

It is a web browser developed by Microsoft and by default comes with window 10. This is default browser of window 10. Its structure is designed for the windows specially and at present, it is available for iOs and Android users also.

Microsoft Edge-Blogeternal

This browser was developed in March 2016 and launched in August 2016 on the anniversary of Microsoft. On Microsoft store, you can avail this browser. A special type of engine named Edge HTML was developed for Microsoft Edge and this engine is fully supported to web kit layout engine.

  1. Maintain your online diary with the help of web notes.
  2. A compatible speed of browsing as compare with Firefox and chrome.
  3. If you are using window 10 then this is a perfect combo.
  4. Touch screen supports also available with Microsoft edge.
  5. Now available for phones also.

For iOS user:


A private browsing based browser which helps you to browse smart. According to Ghostery maker, it’s user will experience faster, cleaner and safer by detecting and blocking thousands of third-party data-tracking. Ghostery enables average internet users to protect their privacy by default, while expert users benefit from a broad set of features and settings.

Its headquarters is suited in New York and developed by Ghostery, Inc… Ghostery has its browsing extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge. The application is available for Android and iOS.

Yandex Browser:

It is free and compatible with iOS 7.0 and higher on iPhone and iPad. In this browser, you will get a turbo mode with let you to download at fast speed over a slow connection.

Onion Browser:

It runs on iOS 8.2 or later, on later, on iPhone, iPad. Before 2016 this browser is paid but now it is available free and this browser is open source. The name of its developer is Mike Tigas.

For Android User:

  • Firefox Browser:

It ensures security for its users. It is available free on play store. It support HTML 5, add-ons, firefox sync. Instant sharing to social media sites. Available free on Google Play Store.

  • Google Chrome:

Chrome is not only becoming famous on the window but it also because of the first choice on android mobiles. It is developed by Google and available free on Google Play Store. In almost every phone it comes preloaded.

  • Brave Browser:

Its makers make this browser free and open source to invites all the enthusiastic coders to contribute their thoughts. In the brave browser, the ads blocking is fit by default. Avoid battery usage and data usage also. You will able to manage private plugins in this browser. Available free at Google Play Store.

  • Opera Mini Browser:

It is lite, compact and easy to use browser which comes for both android and ios. It saves your data usage with smart browsing. Features like data tracker, news updates, night mode, speed dial, private browsing, etc. available on opera mini browser. You can download it free from Google Play Store.

  • UC Browser:

It is a fully featured Internet Browser for mobile users. You can enable add-ons and fast downloading is also there. Available free on Google Play Store.



Best Torrent Sites of 2018: Torrent Sites and Precaution of Torrenting

In this article, I am going to talk about Best Torrents Sites. Torrent is the most controversial part of the internet. I will show you best torrent sites and by using these websites you will be able to download anything from the internet in your system.

Unfortunately, last year we see a big break down of famous torrent sites like the KickAss torrent, etc. But don’t worry here is the list of Best Torrent Sites of 2018.

List of Best Torrent Sites:

Pirate Bay:

There’s a popular saying that “OlD IS GOLD”, yes pirate bay is one of the oldest torrent sites and ranked as number one in the list of torrents sites.

Best Torrent Sites- The Pirat Bay

Pirate bay follows the peer to peer method of BitTorrents

It’s Origin: Sweden

Launched in: 2003

A massive number of people use this torrent daily so that this site ranked one of the best torrent sites this year also.

Pirate Bay is a free torrent site and offers you to download movies, songs, videos and lot of other stuff.


Best Torrent Sites-Torrentz2

For the movie lover, this is one the best torrent sites to download movies. Torrentz2 comes with a strong meta-search engine combining results from many of search engines. Torrentz2 is the duplicate site of recently shutting torrent site named as torrentz. Torrentz2 used metasearch engine and it as said that this site has more speed and better indexing.  Here, indexing 59,642,496 torrents from 124,468,859 pages.


Best Torrent Sites- EZTV

For T.V. lover this is the best torrent site as it offers you to download T.V. torrents easily and with fast speed. The best part of this torrent is its quality and this site consistently delivering good quality of content through a long time.


Best Torrent Sites- 1337x

This torrent site is another follower of BitTorrent protocol. In 1337x, there are directories of torrent sites and peer-to-peer sending of files. This site is new, not having a large data storage but there is something good for you. Here you will found, Movies, Television, Games, Music Application, Anime, Documentaries and other.

In 2016, this site is ranked as the sixth most popular torrent site.


Best Torrent Sites- Torrentfunk


According to TorrentFunk website, this torrent will let you download all type of content from verified torrents.


Best Torrent Sites- YTS.AG

This torrent site claims that here you will file with small size and high quality. The video format available is 720p, 1080p, and 4k also.


Best Torrent Sites- RARBG

This torrent website is founded in 2008. RARBG has the magnets links to facilitate the peer -to – peer sending of files. This torrent also based on the BitTorrent protocol. Here you will find the section of movies, music, games, and software.


Best Torrent SItes- Torlock2

Fast and quick torrent which allows you to download the latest content from the torrent. BitTorrent protocol-based torrent. Here you will find fresh popular torrents.

These are the multimedia based torrents sites and if you are a book lover and you are finding torrent sites for downloading e-books, then click here – ebook torrent

About BitTorrent:

BitTorrent is an internet software making company based in San Francisco.  BitTorrent created their protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (“P2P”) which is used to distribute data and electronic files over the Internet.

At present, it is the most common protocol used for transfer large files, such as digital video files containing TV shows or video clips or digital audio files containing songs.

Precaution during torrenting:

  • VPN & Proxies

A good practice a lot of people do is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxies to hide their IP address while entering the world of torrents. The major reason being that as unregulated the world of the torrent is and it’s reputation and chances of tracking, people don’t want any records of their visit.

  • Quantity of Seeders

The number of seeders means a secure torrent file you are downloading. A file with less risk of the virus. So be sure about seeders while downloading something from torrent.

  • Legality

Torrent itself is not illegal. Torrent is just a peer to peer file sharing method used for transferring big files. There are a lot of content that can be legally downloaded like Linux distributions and other stuff. But most people use torrent to download movies and cracked games and pirated software. That will be copyright infringement and illegal. A simple test to know whether what you want to download is legal or not: If you’re getting something for free via torrent for which you would have to pay otherwise, it’s most likely illegal.

  • Antivirus 

Installed antivirus is important on your mobile or computer. Because an antivirus can only prevent your system from an attached malicious virus with the torrent content. You can also use your window defender if antivirus is not installed.


  • Avoid Extra Attach Files

When you are downloading a file from the torrent in this case sometimes there are some extra executable files are attached, so just avoid these files because these files may carry some virus in it.

  • Authentic Source

Don’t go downloading from random sources. Get torrents from popular sources and known uploaders. Be cautious while using torrent downloaded cracked software, they can be infected and can steal data and damage your system.

Wrapping Words:

Downloading content from torrent is really a fun. We are getting stuff free and easy. Movies are available next day after release. But, just remember one thing we are downloading copyright stuff without their permission, so be careful using all the pre-caution defined above for safe torrenting.

NordVPN Review : Your Privacy’s Security Lock

We are living in the era of internet, without internet, our daily life will be very survival because we are very habitual of the internet. Along with surfing the internet we also anxious about our security on the web. For our security and privacy purposes, we use some proxy servers or VPN (Virtual Private Network). Basically, VPN protects us online from hackers, crackers, and cyber criminals,etc.

Nordvpn Review

Today we are talking about an amazing VPN provider and that is NordVPN. Before talking about NordVPN we should knowledgeable to VPN. What exactly VPN is? How does it work?

VPN is a security tool used for security purposes online while surfing the websites in restricted places like school, colleges, and offices etc. Basically, VPN hides the user’s IP address and location. It is used to be protected from surveillance or censorship.

If we talk about the security budget then only one name will pop up that is NordVPN. An amazing VPN provided tool is fully loaded with all kind of online security tools. NordVPN was started in 2012 and, In very short time this VPN becomes one of the popular security provider tools.

What NordVPN offers to You :

  • Online Freedom: Everyone who surfs on the internet wants that his details should be confidential. Every internet service provider has an access to its user’s details and also some organizations can see what we are browsing online. NordVPN will provide you the complete security from surveillance.

What will you get in online freedom :

  • Servers and Locations: You have provided with 3211 different servers from 60 different countries across the world. Which helps to browse anonymously in any prohibited area with different country IP address so that it will not easy to track the user.
  • Streaming: NordVPN supports P2P sharing. It is the best way to hastily sharing the file or data on the network to the large group of people. You will offer advanced security option, such as double data encryption and DNS leak protection.
  • Smart play: It is another special feature provided by NordVPN that helps you to browse or get access content on a website that is normally not available due to online surveillance. This technology allows you to enjoy all of the features of VPN like strong data encryption with secure.
  • Privacy: On internet what privacy means is your IP address. You can experience real online privacy with just a few clicks. NordVPN provides full protection to your online activities when you browsing the web. When your IP is known to any hacker or unauthorized user then you might not be safe because with your IP address attacker can find your location and also can see what are you searching or you can be tracked or under surveillance.

In Privacy What Will You Get :

  • Protect your IP address: By using NordVPN we can surf anonymously without getting tracked or censorship. IP address helps you to send and receive the data online on any network. Internet service provider, cybercriminals or advertiser find new ways to spying what you search and track your activities behind the server. Many time you have seen that you search for any product on any business platform website then after closing the search some ads are shown to you which are related to the product your search, means you are under surveillance to an advertiser. This is protected by hiding the IP address and NordVPN does it expressively.
  • Strict no logs policy: In this policy you need not be afraid from the side of automatic log saving. In NordVPN your logs will be automatically removed. In other words, none of our private or secured data is logged and gathered at any time.
  • Onion over VPN: Onion and VPN are the tools used for private surfing anonymously. When you want to use onion then you need a separate browser (Tor) and also same in VPN case. But NordVPN provides you both the features in the same place.

Advantages of using NordVPN :

  • Cybersecurity: NordVPN provides full protection of computers, networks and data etc from unauthorized users, attacker or cybercriminals.
  • Block the ads: This is one of the best feature of NordVPN that it blocks the flashy ads on any webpage. Some of the websites can misbehave due to no permission to pop up ads.
  • Easy to use: There are not any complexion to use it. It can operate within few clicks. First, download it and then install and after installation, you only have to register your plan.
  • Multi-user: Most of the VPN service provider cannot provide this facility for multi-user. NordVPN can connect up to 6 users simultaneously.

Pricing of NordVPN :

It is a fully loaded security service tool with advanced features. When we talk about any paid VPN tool then the first question comes to our mind is that, How much is it expensive?

NordVPN offers much more feature as compared to its price. It’s cost with different plans for different time periods.

  • Simple plan is a one month plan which is provided at a very cheap price of $11.95 only. This offer is best one for monthly users.
  • The second plan has to offers of payment. If you want two-year subscription then you have to pay an amount of $79.00. If anybody wants per month payment option then $3.29 have to pay only.
  • The third plan has also two options for payment. If you want one-year subscription then you have to pay $69.00 per annum. If you choose per month payment option then you have to pay only $5.75.

Conclusion :

It is an amazing virtual service provider tool at a low price range.

There is a money cash back option in which if you don’t like the services provided then you can claim for cash back and this cash back option will be provided up to 30 days. We can say that it is one of the most trusted VPN.

We prospect that above-mentioned information about NordVPN is useful to you.

Cool Websites: Way to Kill Your Boredom

We are living in a running world, whole day we are working from morning to next morning. And apart from working, we are as same connected to the social platforms. But, what actually we are doing on social platforms is just scrolling the pages down and down and in the last, we still ended on boredom. So, in this article, we show you some cool websites to funk up your life. At least, you will get some relief from this killing boredom.

List of Best Cool Websites :


Top Cool Websites

For enthusiastic people, Ted is the best option. It is a non-profit organization which invites world’s prominent speakers to share their knowledge or experience with the world. This is best option to kill your time because by listening to these speakers you surely get something which you can adopt in your life. So, how cool is this you will get some reward for killing the time.

How to connect with Ted:

Website : Click here

Youtube : Click here

Facebook : Click here

Laughing Squid:

best cool websites

For the audience who loved to read something interesting and that is in the form of a blog. This website is a good option to kill their time by reading something interesting about science, technology, nature, humans etc. Basically, laughing squid is a science, art, technology blog and instead of these things, it is a hosting company focusing on WordPress hosting.

It was founded by Scott Beale in 1995 and is currently based in New York City and in 2003 they added the service of hosting to laughing squid.

How to connect with Laughing squid:

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here


3. Giphy: A type of animated cool websites

cool websites

You love animations if do check out this website. Here, you can find cool and funky gifs. These GIF are very funny and there is something for everyone.

In Giphy not you only find cool and funky GIF but you can create by yourself or you can also upload your own creations.

How to connect with Giphy:

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here

Instagram: Click here


4. Buzzfeed:

cool websites

For the lover of breaking news, viral stories, controversies. This is one of the famous cool websites in this field. This website is like a bee which starts buzzing the viral stories in your ear. If you need some relaxing distraction from your boredom goes to this website.

How to connect with Buzzfeed:

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here

Instagram: Click here

Youtube: Click here

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Google Tez App: A New Payment Solution

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5. Cracked:

cool websites

According to the site author cracked is an entertainment site whose has over 300 million monthly page views.

This is America’s Only Humor Site Since 1958. This is a funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff.

The Cracked site also includes a blog, videos, forums, a writer’s workshop, five weekly Image Manipulation contests called Photoplasty, and small, one-shot articles called “Quick Fixes”.

This website has also their web series.

How to connect with Cracked:

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here

Youtube: Click here 

Twitter: Click here


6. A good movie to watch: A Type of movie cool websites

cool website

Definitely, for some people, this one is really an issue to find which movie they have to watch. Sometimes we spent a whole day in deciding which movie should we watch. To avoid this issue use this website to find which movie suits you best. Just enter your suggestions and this website produces a list of suggestion movies.

So for movie lover who loves to kill their time by watching movies this website is the best option.

How to connect with agoodmovietowatch:

Website: Click here

For WhatsApp tricks and hacks: Click here

7. Two foods:

For health freaks, these websites is really cool. Just enter two food items and click on compare this will show how this two food item different from each other. In results, it will show you their nutrient values, calories, carbs, protein, fat.

This site is not only for health freaks but for the other people who are confused what to eat from today’s menu.


How to connect with two foods:

Website: Click here



These cool websites are not limited to a particular audience but there is something for a movie lover, fitness freaks, webcomic readers, animation lover, gossip lover. So, use these websites in your free time and if you love it share on your social media platforms and with your friends also.


Google Play Store: List of Top Apps, Music, Movies & Books

Top Apps

As the 2k17 is coming to its end, Google declare its top apps from play store. The apps which get the top ranking is based on their popularity. But, I am pretty sure that if these things are ranked in top range then you guys are already using. And if not, I’ll put the downloading link also.

Firstly Starts with:

Top App of the Year:

Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help
Download it from here:

Top Apps


Top Apps in Entertaining List:

1. PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

Top Apps

2. Hotstar

Top Apps

3. Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

Top Apps

4. Gaana Music: Bollywood Songs & Radio

Top Apps

5. HOOKED – Chat Stories

Top Apps

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Google Assistant

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Top Social Apps:

1. LIKE – Magic Special Effect Video Editor

Top Apps

2. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Top Apps

3. Insight Timer – Free Meditation App

Top Apps

4. Slack

Top Apps

5. LinkedIn Lite: Jobs and Networking

Top Apps

Top Popular Apps:

1. LIKE – Magic Special Effect Video Editor

Top Apps

2. Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & Photo Editor

Top Apps

3. ALTBalaji

Top Apps

4. Paytm Mall: Online Shopping

Top Apps

5. Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages

Top Apps

Google Play Store not only listed the apps only, they also listed the top music, videos, T.V. shows, movies, books. So, here are these rankings.

Top Games:

1.Bahubali: The Game(Official)

Top Apps

2. WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG

Top Apps

3. Super Mario Run

Top Apps

4. Dr. Driving 2

Top Apps

5. Pokémon Duel

Top Apps


Top Books:

1. An Unsuitable Boy, by Karan Johar

Top Apps

2. India 2017, by New Media Wing

Top Apps

3. Khullam Khulla: Rishi Kapoor Uncensored, by Rishi Kapoor
Top Apps
4. I Do What I Do, by Raghuram Rajan
 Top Apps
5. Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga, by Sadhguru
Top Apps

 Top Viewed Movies

1. Dear Zindagi

Top Apps

2. Moana

Top Apps

3. Wonder Woman

Top Apps

4. The Boss Baby

Top Apps

5. Doctor Strange

Top Apps


These are the all web material who became so popular this year.

Many categories the front facing selfie element become most important.

In books category, the Bollywood craze is seen as the two bollywood celebrities living biography is listed in top ranking.

The movies ranking, bollywood movie Dear Zindagi get its first rank and the all other four movies are non-indian.

Thats all from our side, hope you guys liked it. Keep supporting.

Google Tez App: A New Payment Solution


Google Tez App



Google Tez App is a new digital payment method runs on both android and ios system. This app is specially designed for India as its interface is available in almost all Indian languages. Including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

  • As it is mobile payment app so you will easily download it from play store as well as app store. Download link are given below.



  • In Nokia, Xolo, Micromax, Lava, Panasonic’s mobiles Google Tez App will be preloaded.
  • It uses UPI method to transfer money from one device to another.
  • Just by entering your mobile number which is associated with your bank account you will registered to this app.

For more article related to google, links given below

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Google Tez App setup:

  1. When you entered your mobile number, you will get an confirmation code on your phone, enter that number.  Now, you will get an new UPI id which is now associated with your gmail id.
  • In android devices, google account is selected by default but, you can change it by entering account manually also.
  • And in IOS devices users are prompted to sign into their Google Accounts manually.
  1. To keep the Google Tez app secure you have the option of locking it down with your fingerprint on devices with a fingerprint scanner or using a PIN for the app. While you do have the option to keep the same PIN as screen unlock, we will strongly recommend that you set up a different PIN.



The application does not require users to share any personal information such as mobile numbers or usernames like other payment applications, instead uses Audio QR codes that rely on sound transmitted at a frequency inaudible to the human ear from the payee handset to the merchant handset. This technology does away with the need for NFC chips on the handsets and holds an additional advantage because a significant number of smartphones in India and other developing markets do not have NFC chips embedded.

Whatsapp Hacks : Cool Whatsapp Trick

whatsapp cool tricks

Hey! friends, this time we come with a buzzing article about a most using social media platform called whatsapp. We are very well known about all the features of whatsapp and time to time it  offers new features for making our conversation more interesting.

But in this article we will show some more new hacks which you will implement in your whatsapp experience.

By these cool whatsapp trick you can add some more features in your whatsapp. So lets get started!


Schedule WhatsApp Messages:

Hey friends! suppose tonight is yours friend’s birthday and you are very keen to wish him at 12 o’clock but you are also feeling tired so, by using this trick you can schedule your whatsapp messages. After scheduling your message just do your work or just sleep without any issue.

whatsapp cool trick

One thing which you have to do for this hack is that just download a app in your android smartphone called SQEDit

cool whatsapp trick

Fake Whatsapp Account:

whatsapp cool trick

Due to some personal reason, if you wish that you would have an account on which no one can   call you.Unfortunately, whatsapp could not allow this thing. So, just use third party app PRIMO. 

Here you will get a free temporary number for 15 day. In this app you will receive messages and call for 15 days, so you can easily create your fake whatsapp account.Download it from

cool whatsapp trick


Create your GIF’S:

whatsapp cool trick

As we are moving toward other cool whatsapp trick and we talk about text elements. Emoji’s, pics, stickers and gif’s are now become important part of our text conversation. We use other apps to create GIF’s but know without using other apps we can create GIF’s directly from whatsapp. Foe this you have to do a very simple task just send 6 sec video to other people and while you are sending that video a GIF option will appear on your screen.

By just clicking on GIF’s option, that video will be sent as GIF.

1gb Data Battle: Lets See Who wins Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, Idea


With the starting of Jio, they bring a new league in the internet data. They  started a new trend of per day data which varies in different packs i.e. 1gb per day , 2gb per day and in some packs they offers 3gb per day. And this pack is a combo pack of unlimited talk time, messages and internet as well so, this thing is hugely accepted from users and they liked this new concept.

Well Jio became now user’

s favorite but their new concept of per day data is became a matter of discuss for other telecom companies like AIRTEL, IDEA, VODAFONE

So, to be not get eliminated from the market other telecom companies starts adopting this new concept of per day data. In present all the other telecom companies offer complete pack of data and talk-time. So just sit back relax and lets see which company offers you best 1gb per day data pack.


Starts with JIO:

Jio offers you 4 offers in which you will 1gb per day , unlimited calling and unlimited messages. Offers are 

1.Rs 309

Validity: 49 days

2.Rs 399

Validity: 70 days

3.Rs 459

Validity: 84 days

4.Rs 499

Validity: 91 days

Jio not only offers you the 1gb per day data packs but they also gives the packs which offers 2gb and 3gb per day data and these packs are

1.Rs 509

Validity: 49 days

Data: 2gb/day with unlimited calling and unlimited messages.

2.Rs 799

Validity: 28 days

Data: 3gb/day with unlimited calling and unlimited messages.

For more article related Jio click following links

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Airtel offers two plans with 1GB data per day. The Rs. 399 plan provides 1GB daily data allocation with high range limited local and STD calls, with validity of 70 days. On the other hand, you will get 1GB data per day for 70 days, bundled local and STD calls, free outgoing calls on roaming and 100 SMSs per day at Rs. 448. If you want a little more daily data and are willing to settle for less validity, you can get 1.5GB data per day for 28 days with the Rs. 349 plan. The  calls are limited to 250 minutes per day and 1,000 minutes a week for all plans.

Well to be in the race they make a good move of making roaming also free with their packs so, the customers will able to make calls while they are in other states.

The thing which make me depressed is they are not giving same plans to all the users. I have also three connections of airtel and only in the connection out of 3, I got the offer of Rs399 and in rest two connections , I got the offer of Rs 349.


Slowly slowly, but Idea is also proving their participation in this race

IDEA’s offers are:

1. Rs 357: Unlimited Local + STD calls+ OG Roaming Free + 1.5 GB 2G/3G/4G data/Day

2.Rs 398: Unlimited Local + STD calls+ OG Roaming Free + 100 SMS/Day + 1GB 2G/3G/4G data/Day

Note one thing that in some areas this offers will varies. So to see your area’s packs visit their official site click here


Vodafone has launched two new recharge at Rs 509 and Rs 458. Both plans comes with unlimited calls, including local and STD and calls on roaming inside India. On the data side, the plan promises 1GB data per day, which is available on 3G and 4G SIM connections. The first plan of Rs 509 has a validity of 84 days, which means users will get 84GB data in total.

1. Rs 509:

Validity: 84 days with unlimited calls, including local and STD and calls on roaming inside India and 1gb/day.

2. Rs 458:

Validity: 70 days with unlimited calls, including local and STD and calls on roaming inside India and 1gb/day.

The limits of these packs comes with restrictions of 250  minutes per day and 1000 minutes per week limit and 100 SMS per day.

After completing per day gb the internet speed will drop down and this is very much good thing which vodafone offers to their users.


That’s all from our side hoping that our article will help you to find a right plan.


Google Allo: Messaging App by Google

Google Allo

Recently Google launched their new app called GOOGLE ALLO. Basically, it is a messaging app just like another chatting apps like Whatsapp.  This app is announced on  May 18, 2016, and released  on September 21, 2016

In this app you have verify with your mobile number and you are able to communicate with other Google Allo users which present in your contact list. You can send your message with  stickers, doodles, and HUGE emoji & text.

What interesting things you can do on GOOGLE ALLO:

1. Chat without typing all the time:

If your friend sent you a picture, then this app show you the reply suggestions. You just have to tap on the suggestion instead of typing the message.

Google Allo

3. Change your message’s size:

You can make your particular message’s size larger according to your expression on that message.

Google Allo

3.Create your art on images:

while you are sending picture to your GOOGLE ALLO friend, then at that time you can edit that image on sending time with your own art.

Google Allo

4. Send stickers during your conversation:

Google Allo


What’s something extra interesting in Google Allo:

1. Incognito Mode:

Steps how to use incognito mode:

  1. Open Allo.
  2. Tap New Chat New chat and then Start incognito chat or Start group incognito chat.
  3. From the Contacts list, tap the person’s name you want to start a chat with. You can also search for the person’s name or number.
  4. Tap Next.

Google Allo                    Google Allo


2. Google Assistant:

For knowing what is Google Assistant, just click here!


Availability of Google Allo:

Available for both android and ios users, both the users can download it from play store and app store.

Google Allo is now available in PC also. For using it in PC you have to do just these steps:

Firstly this thing you should remember that only android users can use the allo on PC only in chrome browser. Pairing for ios user will be available soon.

Steps :

  1. On your computer, open Allo for web.
  2. On your phone, open Allo.
    1. Tap Menu and then Allo for web and then Scan QR Code.
    2. Scan the QR code that’s on Allo for web. If connected, Allo for web will open on the browser.



So if you are get bored up with your old chatting apps, the just try this app with your friends and share your experience with us in comment section.



Google Assistant: Your New Android Buddy!

google assistant

Hello guys! Today we come with a new article or to introduce you people with our new assistant i.e our android’s assistant GOOGLE ASSISTANT. It is your on call present assistant. What you have to do is just say”OK GOOGLE”

Google Assistant

Very gently and sweetly, it will  reply you and ask you what you want from him.

How Google Assistant started:

As to compete with Iphone’s  assistant Siri, google launched their assistant along with Google Pixel. But now Google assistant available in all android smartphones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.

Their is another option which will enable Google assistant in your smartphone i.e. Google Allo app. Basically it is a messaging app launched by google and along with you will able to use Google Assistant.

For knowing  more about Google Allo Click Here!


Some awesome things about Google Assistant:

1. Set your nickname for Google Assistant:

Open it and say  “Call me your_name“. Have a look in image below.

google assistant

2. Your perfect news updater:

Open it and say “What’s the news?“. And many news resources will be opened.

Google Assistant

3. If you feel bored:

Just say I’m feel bored and check out in image below what google have to get rid of boredom.

Google assistant

4. Find places by Google Assistant:

For example, if you want to search restaurant near you, just say find restaurant near me and see in image below but assistant shows you.

Another example is, if you want to search ATM near you, the again say find ATM near me and see what it will show

google assistant

5. Live cricket score:

For cricket score say live cricket score and see the results.

Google Assistant


These are only five common things which you will perform on it, but these are not only things their are lots of many interesting thing which can your assistant do for you. So try other things by yourself and tell me in comment section.